Ariane Page

finalist psychology

Bronze Medal, Philosophy


As the oak tree is summarized in Nature, so Nature is summarized in the brain.

They express a model, the same. At this time though this model is not allowed to freely unfold in all its aspects. This, because through our limited point of view we have hindered the expression of half of it: its feminine polarity.

Present in both men and women, this feminine polarity corresponds to physical and psychological structures which are now screaming for us to regain balance.  Depression is one effect to this as is the sad state of the environment.

This though is a normal result of the phases of evolution humans need to travel through in order to eventually express all of human potentialities, in the same way the small acorn will become a majestic oak tree. 

Love is the tool life uses to bring us to walk on this path leading to our evolved state.

Love Them Back to LIFE  invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey of self discovery provided by the knowledge of this eternal and universal model  expressed by the brain and now within everyone's reach.